Our Story, Vision and Values

Peel Region Football’s philosophy is to use the game of football as a tool to develop our players Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Fair Play, Discipline and Perseverance.

Peel Region Football was formed in 2021 as a partnership between experienced coaches with similar philosophies and beliefs.

 Peel Region Football’s early philosophy continues today – introducing kids to the aspect of team play, fair play and sportsmanship, using the game of football as our tool. The Association’s mandate is to introduce as many boys and girls to the game of football (played under the Canadian rules) as possible and to ensure that they are coached safely.

Community Involvement   

Peel Region Football is appreciative of the support from its fans and community. As a new organization, PRF is beginning to explore how to best serve the community – we are open to ideas. The Association, today is made up of 6 Executives, 45 Coaches, approximately 400 kids playing in the varies divisions.

Divisions: U10, U12, U14, U16  & U18

Affiliations: Football Ontario, Football Canada, Ontario Fall Football League, Ontario Spring Football League

Age Gap: 6 yrs to 19 yrs

Our top priorities and challenges for the next Five years are:

  • To provide the highest level of competition for our players
  • To have the best functioning executive board
  • To have a dedicated full time facility with fields, change rooms, etc., in partnership with an existing organization
  • To develop and retain quality coaches on an ongoing basis
  • To develop and retain volunteers
  • To develop and retain membership
  • To develop and retain players
  • The PRF Panthers organization is highly recognized and respected in the community
  • The PRF Panthers organization is run as a business
  • Financial Sustainability – to find at least one major corporate sponsor
  • To prepare a professional marketing and public relations plan