Health and Safety

Football is a contact sport with inherent risks and that should be understood before anyone engages in the game. During the course of a year players will likely experience bumps and bruises, they will be tired and need extra rest and they will have to stay hydrated and increase their fluid intake to stay healthy. Injuries can occur although the risk is no greater than in other contact sports. Player safety and well being is the number one priority for Peel Region Football. Equipment maintenance guidelines and schedules are strictly adhered to. Directors, coaches and program organizers are constantly reviewing their activities to ensure that the safety of all participants is being met.

Peel Region Football trains our coaches and staff in injury prevention by making sure:

  • proper playing techniques are taught
  • well-fitting and maintained equipment is worn properly
  • activities are played within rules that are appropriate to the age and abilities of the players
  • all teams conduct their business with a “child first” attitude
  • games and practices are well staffed by volunteers

To mitigate these situations and to make every effort to prevent anything greater, your coaches will regularly inspect fields and equipment used for practice and competition. We will be teaching the safest blocking and tackling techniques to help players avoid injury and we will be taking frequent water breaks.

Parents play a role in player safety so please do YOUR part. Make sure your player has a water bottle and keep equipment clean and in good working order, in addition to knowing how the player should properly wear it every time they take the field.


We want to help players become fit so that they can play football safely and successfully. By appreciating fitness for its own sake, we can encourage players to want to be in shape on their own, understand the value of fitness and enjoy training. We will strive to make it fun to get fit for football and make it fun to play football.

Concussion Awareness and Return to Play Protocols

Following any suspected concussion (even if not diagnosed by a medical doctor) team therapists will initiate the concussion protocol. This protocol is in place to ensure the safety and high performance of all players, and must be followed before return to competition. There will be a minimum of 24 hours after the last sign or symptom before beginning protocol or progressing to the next stage. If at any time during the stepwise protocol, the athlete experiences a return of signs (seen by others) or symptoms (experienced by athlete), they will rest until symptom free for 24 hours, then return to and repeat the last completed stage.

Player Recovery Policy

Allowing for proper rest and recovery reduces the risk of injury, and maximizes weekly practice and preparation time. A longer recovery time between games would also enable players sufficient time to work through the return-to-play protocol and may deter players from rushing through the protocol to return to competition during a short week of practice.

Ontario Football Alliance mandates a player must wait a minimum of 2 calendar days in-between tackle football games. For example, if a player is an active roster participant in a game on Monday, the earliest that player can be an active roster participant in a game would be on Thursday.